Our Commitment to Sustainability

When we established Galapagos in 2013, our aim was to produce products that were sustainably made, considerate of the environment and respectful of the time and energy that goes into the production of beautiful fabrics and upholstery materials.

One key way we could meet these aims was to re-use existing frames, returning them to a useful purpose and restoring them so they would last. By using existing timber and iron frames, we avoided the use of new timber and raw materials in our products.

Since then, we have built other best practices into our business:

*The electricity we buy comes from 100% renewable sources : we buy our power from Good Energy, who only sell renewable energy, reducing our emissions as far as possible

*Wherever possible, the internal materials we use are natural and will biodegrade at the end of their lifespan rather than sitting around in landfill sites for hundreds of years. We use coir (coconut husk), calico and wool as fire retardant interliners, hession, and recycled wool felts instead of chemically made foams and fillers.

*Manufacturing fabrics requires time, energy and raw materials, and even the most basic of cotton fabrics will have been through rigorous production processes using chemicals and electricity. Creating bespoke chairs often generates waste fabrics that are too small for upholstery use, so rather than waste the energy and materials within these fabrics, we turn them into useful products such as draught excluders and doorstops, and send others to a charity in Africa where they are turned into saleable works of art, purses and beautiful decorative items. This way, the amount of fabric that is wasted through our production processes is minimised wherever possible.

*Small brands, big designs: we pride ourselves on working with the best of British talent and collaborating with smaller brands. We believe in bringing people together and sharing resources and knowledge, and we think the results speak for themselves!

We’re still growing and building a sustainable business, and we’ve a long way to go, but we hope you’ll be part of it and join us in changing the way we buy, make and treasure vintage furniture.