Starts with place

It all starts with Place. Our furniture is built right here in Britain, lovingly crafted by our team of talented makers. Their skills ensure that what we make is made to last – construction and assembly that won’t let you down. So our chairs don’t just look great, they mean business, too.

Next, we add a healthy dollop of Pride. Our materials are sourced with an equal amount of conscience and thought, with a particular focus on remaining as environmentally friendly as possible. We get our timber from Europe, where they’re really rather strict on quality, grading and FSC environmental responsibility. But it’s worth it. When you’re working with some of the best craftsmen in Britain, they expect the very best raw materials to work with.

A little dash of Provenance, anyone? Our designs are influenced by the beautifully soave lines and aesthetic cleanliness of the mid-century pieces we source and fall in love with, but with the added advantage of subtle additions to bring them up-to-date for modern and rigorous use. It’s the best of both worlds – where both the design and construction will stand the test of time. We are the antithesis of flat-packed fast furniture and the waste culture it inspires. In fact, we make a big effort to find uses for waste fabrics from the upholstery process, use natural internal materials where possible and even consider disassembly options in our designs so that natural resources can be recovered from our furniture at the end of its useful life. They’re little things, but they make a big impact.

And to top it all off, a finishing sprinkling of the right People. We collaborate with ridiculously talented British fabric designers to bring new life and a pop of spectacular to our lines, creating collections that launch seasonally throughout the year. This huge selection of creative fabics and upholstery possibility are available on each of our designs, a bespoke service that allows our customers to order the exact chair they need.

So whether you consider yourself a retail customer - looking for one or two pieces - or a commercial customer - who may need a large selection - our flexible design process and UK based manufacturing enables a pick n’ mix approach and a level of quality that’s unrivalled. All to create a piece of furniture that is perfectly suited to your needs.