About Us

The Galapagos Story: how we became the company that made vintage style modern! 

In 2012 the seed of an idea was sown. Having just moved to an apartment in a Victorian school in east London, Galapagos founders Lucy and Phil set about furnishing it with pieces that they really, truly loved. Lucy had her heart set on a small 1950’s chair that needed some TLC and a makeover, but getting it from Germany to London via a good upholsterer seemed logistically crazy for someone working full time.

It might have been simpler to go to a store and buy a new chair, you might be thinking: and yes, you would have been right! But the idea was born: how could you make it easier for people to buy vintage furniture, and get it made to suit their homes and individual styles without costing the earth (literally!) Because for every old chair re-used, a new chair isn’t being made, and that has to be a good thing for our planet, right?

So in 2013 they bought twelve chairs from rural Germany, and stacked them in the spare room of their apartment. Six months later, with a brand new website, a patient upholsterer, two fabric companies on board and several garages full of newly-renovated furniture, Galapagos Furniture launched at Tent London. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Since then, we have grown into a strong emerging brand, making bespoke Ready-To-Go furniture and bespoke orders for amazing hotels and bars, featured regularly in the Evening Standard, The Times, The FT, and Grand Designs, and supplying bespoke Midcentury furniture direct to our lovely customers and retailers throughout the UK.

We even launched our first range of newly-made furniture at Decorex in 2015, which we’re proud to be supplying to restaurants and interior design projects, and this collection is getting bigger by the week!

We’re still growing and building our Galapagos community, and we’ve a long way to go, but we hope you’ll be part of it and join us in changing the way we buy, make and treasure vintage furniture.