The Look - Slow Down for the Pinta Chair

The Pinta Chair in luxe Tatiana Midnight velvet

In case you didn't know, our chairs are all named after the islands in the Galapagos Archipelago, and the Pinta chair is named after Pinta Island. What makes Pinta special is that it was the home of one of the world's most amazing species, the extinct Giant tortoise, and in particular, the very last Giant Tortoise, Lonesome George. We named this particular chair in his honour, because its substantial round back makes us think of his domed shell every time we see it.

Pinta chairs are available to order in bespoke fabrics. Make your own chair by combining fabrics available in our Fabrics page.

Shown here in luxe Tatiana Midnight velvet.

The Look 26th April 2017

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