The Look - Inspired by the Labyrinths of Greek Mythology

 The New Genovesa Cocktail Chair in Christopher Farr Orange Meander


Inspired by the Labyrinths of Greek Mythology

The New Genovesa Cocktail Chair in orange Meander by Christopher Farr (in association with The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation) was designed by Anni Albers in the late 1960's. It was said that her inspiration for the Meander came from the labyrinth floors in St Quentin, Chartres Cathedral and the infamous labyrinthos of Greek mythology.

Our new Genovesa chairs are part of the Midcentury Made Modern collection of newly made chairs designed by us at Galapagos. A slimmed down cocktail chair, it's available for bespoke orders in any fabric.

Meander comes in five other colours; Green, Hot Pink, Indigo, Lemon & Smoke. And, as ever, samples are available on our website!

The Look - 3rd May 2017

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