Meet the Makers: Claire Gaudion

In the first of our series of Meet the Makers, we've been chatting to fabric designer Claire Gaudion who makes the beautiful geometric prints you've seen adorning our chairs in 2016! 

What makes you do what you do?  I love it. Colour and fabrics are such a delight to work with every day, and such powerful means of expression, like music.

What’s your favourite item in your studio? The fabrics I have created, each design holds a story, and my loom. 

A day in the life?  Wake up, start work! Social media, emails, checking the priorities for the day. Orders first. Then the day may be more focused on design, weaving, marketing, planning exhibitions... every day is different. I try to find time for yoga or a walk, but often work takes over ;-)

Who’s your ultimate design icon? Annie Albers for her ability with colour, craftsmanship, and pattern, and her love and recognition of design across cultures. 

Best song track ever? The soundtrack to Amelie by Yann Tiersen these tunes always makes me smile. If I have to choose one tune, J'y suit jamais Allé. Beautiful! 

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